Chief Innovation Officer

Unleash the dormant and unrealized value in your leadership and discover raving fans waiting to be ignited. If you want to scale a mountain, you need a great guide. RIDG will help you reach the summit.

Million Dollar Teams

Looking for your teams to find that next million dollar idea? Want to be confident that your teams are ready for your company’s future?

Magnetic Meetings

Invigorate your event, committees or teams with RIDG’s creative and interactive exercises designed to increase efficiency, develop new (or latent) skills and drive the ultimate success of your company.


With 20+ years in business, technology and innovation, a keynote presentation by Michelle Royal will make your next event electrifying and unforgettable.


Case Studies

RIDG works with the most talented companies and teams. Learn how they have applied our Specialized CINO Services to create breakthroughs and lead Million Dollar Teams.

Who We Are

Companies shape, visualize and make their future with RIDG. We focus on accelerating ideas to market by giving your team the essential skills to consistently identify, build and deliver through the million dollar teams framework.  We help companies drive the necessary change to innovate and disrupt their industry while growing their people and their profits.