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Founder & CINO
Michelle S. Royal

Michelle Royal is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of RIDG (Royal Innovation Design Group). She is a self-made speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, who was raised in the growing Subway franchise empire.

She is an innovation expert with over 20 years of experience, specializing in using visualization and facilitation to create breakthroughs in state of mind and behavior. Michelle is also an artist, that brings visual stories together to unlock the latent collective power of organizations and individuals.

Michelle has helped her clients provide clarity around their organization’s’ vision, build effective and cohesive teams, and tap into their true potential to maximize impact and profit with their ideas. This work has often led to six-to eight-figure returns on the client’s’ growth, all using principles applied through Michelle’s unique methods.

Michelle holds a Masters of Business Innovation (MBI) from the Deusto Business School in Bilbao, Spain and a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She is also a Senior Fellow at the Alliance for Innovation and served as the first ever Innovation Coach to the European Union.

What is the secret to designing change? It is simple. With every decision to change comes a GREAT question. And with every great question comes the transformative action making a better world.

Michelle Royal

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Mission Statement:

We exist to unlock the value of every person and those they serve.

We Build Better Innovators

RIDG focuses on accelerating ideas to market by giving your team the essential skills to consistently identify, build and deliver through the million dollar teams framework.  We help companies drive the necessary change to innovate and disrupt their industry while growing their people and their profits.

Joran Oppelt

Creative Director

Joran is an international speaker, author, life coach, facilitator and consultant. He is the Creative Director at RIDG (Royal Innovation Design Group). Joran has facilitated game-changing meetings for multiple clients and trained multiple facilitators to do the same. He is also an award-winning producer and singer-songwriter who has spoken around the world about spirituality and innovation.

Jennifer Oppelt

Business Manager

Jennifer is a business professional with many years of experience in corporate wellness, coaching, business operations & start-up, customer service, automation, project management, marketing and more. Jennifer has joined the RIDG team to provide innovation in our overall operations and fiance department. She is a chronic people pleaser, happiness maker and problem solver looking to make the world a better (and more delightful) place to live.

Diana Flores

Graphic Artist

Diana Flores is a graphic designer and illustrator in the Tampa Bay area. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida and a former board member of Ad2TampaBay. Diana has experience helping clients turn their ideas into engaging visuals. Her areas of focus include print and web design, hand lettering, and graphic recording.

Geoff T. Nelson

Graphic Artist

Geoff uses storytelling and collaboration to help others create beauty, purpose, and meaning. As a writer and illustrator, Geoff has a gift for helping clients communicate their vision to others. His research skills will make your communication authoritative and credible. Geoff is passionate about making better products for a better world!

Phillip Leslie

Graphic Artist

Phillp is a skilled artist, graphic recorder and project manager with a strong history in sales, design and consulting. He graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Phillip’s imaginative artistic styling and creative approach to innovative design make him a valued member of the RIDG team.

Sarah Page

Graphic Artist

Sarah is a graphic designer, illustrator and muralist with a love for lettering, creative collaboration and storytelling. Sarah is a graduate of University of South Florida with a B.A. in advertising. She has a strong background in marketing and non-profit industries as well as communication and public relations. In her free time, Sarah enjoys working on her own fine art projects and is a contributing artist for the City of St. Petersburg, SHINE Festival.