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A Note from Michelle Royal, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of RIDG.

When Julee Bellomo invited me to participate as the headlining keynote for this year’s ProductCamp, I was thrilled. As the inaugural event, the theme for this year is “Discover.” It was a conference like this, over 11 years ago, that helped me discover my future career. Today, we are lucky to have so many incredible events like ProductCamp in our region to explore new skills, share knowledge and find meaningful work while solving complex and important problems.

I found my tribe at events like this. I found people who thought like me, creatives in business, who were strategic and willing to take competent risks. I found mentors and peers, work opportunities and clients. My brain was inspired by future trends and worlds so far from my current imagination I had to take mental quantum leaps just to get into the same universe.

And today’s tech world says the future belongs to A.I. – the people who design it, and the companies who own it. If the workforce will be displaced in the next 20 years, what work will we do?

As humans, we do what code can’t. ProductCamp matters because it taps into the skills we lose when we abdicate our knowledge and skills to machines.

So, it is fitting that my interactive talk focus on who we are, what machines are not (human) and how our learning to be human is an essential skill required for the work of the future.

The interactive talk is called “Make to Think – Discover and Build the New Future.” Building can be done virtually, through holograms and three-dimensional virtual spaces, but for most people, analog prototyping is the beginning, and the genesis of this process is visualization or drawing. And drawing is how each and every one of us discovered ourselves in the world and developed the one skill defining our human existence – meaning-making.

If you are interested in joining the revolution of innovators, check out ProductCamp. Below is some information from the organizer, Julee Bellomo, along with the website and contact information. See you there!


About ProductCamp

ProductCamp is a 1-day conference that pulls together thought leaders and practitioners in product management and marketing community.

Who Should Attend?

We aim to attract and represent people with a wide spectrum of experiences. Anyone who builds, designs, markets, or manages a product or service will benefit from ProductCamp Gulf Coast.

Topics: Product Strategy, Product Management, Product Marketing, Discovery & Design Thinking.

Keynotes: Michelle Royal, RIDG, and Chris Spagnuolo, Edgehopper.

Additional Information:

Although a lot of ProductCamp has been designed within an agenda format, some ProductCamp sessions are Open Spaces, where you, the participants, design and drive the agenda. Since this is the first ProductCamp in this area, the day has been modeled with a lineup of industry experts and thought leaders to share their experiences and talents. The emerging program is outlined at

First ask: We encourage you to take as many chances to interact and network with others as you can. If you have an interest in presenting a topic, please free to offer it up. All discussions related to Product Management and Product Marketing are encouraged.

Second ask: Is for you to spread the word! Sessions are one part of the experience. The other part is the side conversations that spring up. The more attendees the richer and more diverse the interaction will be.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone on November 3rd!


Did you know: ProductCamp was started in Silicon Valley by Rich Mironov, and followed up by Austin, Boston, and many other cities. Today, you can find thriving ProductCamps in almost every major city in the U.S., and many cities around the world including London, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, and much more.