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Innovation Movement

Make the future yours by bringing together company leadership with RIDG team members to dissect challenges, uncover hidden opportunities, map priorities and get your company or department refocused and turbo-charged for the future.

Unleash the dormant and unrealized value in your leadership and discover raving fans waiting to be ignited. If you want to scale a mountain, you need a great guide. RIDG will help you reach the summit.

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Booster Session

Don’t know where to start? Book your 90-minute Booster Session today! For a limited time, Michelle Royal, CEO of RIDG, is offering 90-minute Booster Sessions for individuals or teams of up to 3 people.

Find out how you can receive six figures in value by using Michelle’s visual facilitation process, achieving new levels of revenue generation and risk reduction.

What Makes RIDG Exceptional?

We love what we do. We love being invited to participate in your big vision. We believe what you are doing matters. It is our job to illustrate and capture the ideas in a way that makes them matter to the rest of the world.


When we are together, you get all of our support and attention. Your outcomes will be illuminated and every encounter will be designed for results.


Discover your company’s unique intellectual property within an evolving and competitive landscape and how to validate that IP for success.


Transform your business into a machine that leverages qualitative and quantitative success by magnifying the best of your personnel and technology assets.

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Case Studies

RIDG has been fortunate enough to work with a multitude of companies—both lean start-ups and large-scale corporations—to help them get to the next level. Whether that was through visualization/graphic recording of large scale events, strategic consultation to help companies navigate internal changes, facilitating unforgettable events, or delivering exceptional keynote presentations, we’ve done it all.