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Michelle Royal, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


  • You are overwhelmed with information without clear direction.
  • You need to experiment with new ideas in an unstable environment.
  • Survival instincts have replaced creativity and constructive problem solving.
  • Your virtual team is suffering from change fatigue.
  • Your jobs have changed but the tools have not.
  • Your playbook is now irrelevant.
  • This too shall pass and innovation will prevail.

Here’s how you bounce forward

Business Innovation + Leadership Design

RIDG understands the pain of navigating unpredictable change and losing your foothold in the market. To build a virtual team of remote innovators you need a clear, well-defined and proven innovation model. Let us help you build your playbook for the future.

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About Ridg

RIDG is a creative innovation consultancy that works exclusively with executives to help scale their teams for growth. We use the tools of visual facilitation and design thinking to unlock the value of every person and those they serve. We focus on accelerating ideas to market by giving clients the essential skills to consistently identify, build and deliver through our proven frameworks. We help companies drive change, innovate and master uncertainty while growing their people and profits.