Apr 10, 2017 Michelle Royal Business No Comments

What is Disruption Readiness, Anyway?

To be disrupted means to interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem and also drastically alter or destroy the structure of something.

Almost daily we hear our clients tell us they want to become the disruption, create the disruption, or leverage the innovation process to become the disruptor.

Regularly, they say, “We want to manage or control what is happening in the market instead of it happening to us.”

It boils down to being able to maintain the structural integrity of the business (the flow of ideas and capital) within a swiftly evolving landscape. Organizations are either reactive or responsive. They either know how to paddle-board on smooth waters or convene a team to surf the mega wave.

Perspective matters.

Ultimately, our clients want to learn how to transform a breakdown into a breakthrough. One experience cannot live without the other. Understanding how to leverage this critical kinetic form into energy yielding a business opportunity is essential to being disruption-ready.

Readiness does not just mean you can handle the storm, the unpredictable terrain, the mega wave, or an unexpected adversary. Readiness means you will invent a whole new way of winning, of becoming what your business needs to become. It means activating ideas and people to bring more value than ever expected. It means being a Master Servant.

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