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Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Event into a Wow! Experience

Like all leaders, you’re eager to engage your team (or event attendees). You’ve tried it all: motivational speakers, workshops, firewalking. Why doesn’t it stick? Even when they’re enthusiastic at the meeting/conference, they’ve forgotten all about it by the following week.

Tap into the power of neuroscience and engage your participants with RIDG’s brain-based engagement strategies. Our creative services can increase visual comprehension speed by 60,000x and retention of content by 68%! 

The five services below are just a sample of what RIDG can offer you to “Wow!” your attendees and keep them engaged long after the event is over.

1. Graphic Recording

Booking a trained artist at your event guarantees attendees will see themselves reflected in the story of your meeting, conference or event.

2. Digital Graphic Recording

Tell your story live in real-time, on screens throughout your event and on social media channels.

3. Physical Installation

Build a live, interactive, 360-degree creative experience or photo opportunity for your attendees using the power of visual thinking.

4. Visual Storytelling

Create a visual map for your retreat participants so that they can continue moving toward their North Star objectives.

5. Follow-Up

Send a postcard, e-mail, or die-cut puzzle using the Graphic Records from your event.

Invite RIDG to be a part of your team and let’s make your next event unforgettable!