elements of a space for working from home with a virtual team
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Work From Home Success Strategies (Part 1: WFH? WTF!)

elements of a space for working from home with a virtual team

By Christy Nelson

Suddenly working from home? In this 5-part series, I’ll share the best practices and strategies for success I’ve learned in the last ten years as a remote worker.

First up: Make a dedicated space!

  1. Find a space to make your office. Avoid the dining room table, unless you only use it at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  2. Make sure your WiFi service is sufficient for video calls; if not plan to run a LAN cable through your house (that’s what I do).
  3. Got kids? Try to make a space that allows you to shut the door for your heads-down time or make a secondary space for those moments.
  4. Watch out for your back. I can’t stress this enough: if you were using an ergonomic chair and now you’re at home, you may notice some back aches. Try different chairs, a pillow on your chair, taking standing breaks, etc.
  5. Knick knacks & personalization – put a few objects in place to personalize.
  6. Add some light! Move a floor lamp or set up a table top lamp.
  7. Be creative. I’ve used the corner of a living room, a wide hallway, a sleeping porch, and a mix of early mornings at the kitchen table/afternoons in a bedroom. I’ve even used an old door and 2 sawhorses as a table (that doorknob hole is a great spot for cable management).

Here’s part two of Christy’s series on working from home.

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Christy Nelson has 25 years’ experience in IT program and project management, leading globally distributed teams. She has been working from home since 1999 when you needed 2 phone lines to support a dial-up modem and a phone call at the same time. She works for one of the big 5 consulting companies.

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