virtual working with family and pets
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Work From Home Success Strategies (Part 4: Family and Pets)

virtual working with family and pets

By Christy Nelson

Unless you’ve been regularly working from home, your family and pets don’t know the “work you”. They won’t inherently understand your need to not be interrupted. This will be a learning curve for all of you.

  • If your kids are younger, scheduled “heads-down” time for them and you, and set a timer so they can self-monitor.
  • Your schedule may have to change daily based on what’s on your work calendar. That’s ok. Be flexible and communicate.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Share w your colleagues, clients and boss if you may be interrupted while on calls. Everyone is in the same boat.
  • Give your pets some extra attention. My cats regularly show up in video calls and have been known to type a few extra letters when I’m instant messaging others. I often have to shut a door and keep the kitties out.
  • My husband and I routinely sit over coffee and talk through our day — who has what, when is it happening, how do we plan to cover our combined schedules and personal responsibilities. This is what works best for us.

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Christy Nelson has 25 years’ experience in IT program and project management, leading globally distributed teams. She has been working from home since 1999 when you needed 2 phone lines to support a dial-up modem and a phone call at the same time. She works for one of the big 5 consulting companies.

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