Navigating through Chaotic Times
Apr 09, 2020 Geoff Nelson Business, Events, Graphic Recording, Innovation, New Normal, Resourcefulness, Storytelling, virtual team building, Visual Thinking 1 Comment

Navigating through Chaotic Times (Innovation Leader webinar)

Scott Kirsner, CEO of Innovation Leader and columnist for the Boston Globe, assembled a “Justice League of Innovators” for a webinar on Navigating Chaotic Times on March 19, 2020.  Our graphic recorder and illustrator Phillip Leslie produced this amazing graphic record after listening to their discussion which covered everything from tech solutions to scenario planning.  Take a look!

Navigating through Chaotic Times

Innovation Leader shares information and best practices for innovation in large organizations via their events, website, and magazine.  Their online events and resources are supported by their Innovation Leader members and strategic partner firms.  Watch the webinar HERE.

To see artist Sarah Page’s digital graphic record of XPLANE’s “Responding to Rapid Change” webinar, follow this LINK.

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  • Excited to learn how Ben’s helped companies re-adress the way they think about business scenarios.