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Top 3 Lessons From Episode 27: Danielle Ruiz, Senior Economic Development Manager, Duke Energy

Tune in to our latest episode featuring Danielle Ruiz, Senior Economic Development Manager at Duke Energy where we discuss how she’s working with local governments and economic development organizations to attract business to communities throughout Florida. 

Here are three things we learned from this week’s episode:

1. You need to know what’s in your backyard.

Not only in economic development but in all industries, businesses need to know what is happening locally. To Danielle, that means knowing what’s working in local communities and which sites are located where. Her team is then able to leverage those relationships and share success stories with new businesses looking to grow in the state. 

2. Working together helps communities win.

When public businesses and government organizations work together, that is when the real magic happens. Danielle works hard to provide value propositions to both businesses and government organizations on how Duke Energy can support them and provide them with resources to grow their projects. As a result, the state gains new jobs and opportunities for communities to grow. 

3. The energy industry is full of innovation.

Innovation can be created in a variety of ways in the energy industry. Danielle describes Duke Energy’s current initiatives around renewable energy and sustainability. The organization is currently expanding electric vehicle infrastructure across Florida and providing solar power to various communities. They are also developing support for emergency shelters so that communities keep power during natural disasters.

You can learn more about Duke Energy on their website. 

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