Episode 40: Enterprise Resource Planning with Chris Milan, VP of Sales, NexTec Group


Coffee with Ben Episode 40

Tune in to our latest episode featuring Chris Milan, VP of Sales at NexTec Group. We’ll discuss how ERP software is being used to streamline operational efficiency, especially in the food and cannabis industries. This video series focuses on how companies innovate, strategically plan for the future, and create a strong employee culture.

Here are five things we learned from this week’s episode. 

1. Stay laser-focused on the industries you’re in.

Chris believes NexTec Group’s high retention rate is firmly due to the company’s clear focus on the industries they’re in and their clients’ pain points. While NexTec works with many different industries, they have uncovered clear growth opportunities for ERP software in the food and cannabis industries, which is why they spent a lot of 2020 developing their presence in these areas.

2. The pandemic accelerated cloud adoption.

While many companies slowed down during 2020, NexTec had a surprisingly busy year. Whether they were new to managing remote teams or simply outgrew their current systems, cloud software became an urgent need for NexTec’s clients. 

3. Don’t stop investing.

Once COVID hit, many businesses stopped investing in their company to save money in uncertain times. NexTec developed two microsites to support growing industries and began to tweak their methodology to support remote work both internally and externally. They converted their services to be entirely online, which alleviated their sales staff from traveling off-site. By getting creative and continuing to innovate, NexTec was able to pivot in a time of disruption and grow its business.

4. Traceability is just as necessary in the cannabis industry as it is in food.

NexTec works with over 60 clients in the food industry as these companies need to track everything from farm to retail to prepare for any recalls. They quickly realized that cannabis companies experience the same type of concerns and need to create traceability with their products which can easily be supported by ERP software. By seeing the commonality between these two industries, NexTec expanded into the cannabis industry and brought on over 50 clients. 

5. Understanding your niche will drive success.

There are several industries that NexTec can work with, but they stay laser-focused on the ones they know best. This level of expertise allows them to provide great customer service to their clients as they can help them run their business better. 

Coffee with Ben is a series that focuses on how companies innovate, strategically plan for the future, and create a strong company culture. These topics are always important for companies to address, but now they’re absolutely critical. To learn how to increase your capacity for innovation or to guest star on the show, subscribe to our channel and schedule virtual coffee with RIDG Director of Development, Ben Blackman.

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