Instant Innovator Training Syllabus


Course Objective

Learn and apply a proven outcome focused, framework informed and process driven innovation method. In other words, quickly explore, test and build YOUR amazing ideas for the market (customer) who will love them!

Course Expectations 

  • Async time on the project to review any materials as needed. 
  • Watch any course videos from RIDG (alone or set up a viewing party!) and comment in the Slack thread when you’re done.
  • Schedule coworking time with their team as needed to do assignments.
  • 1 Slack Thread Per Week (pinned in Slack Channel). Comment in the thread when they’ve watched the video and when their homework is done in Mural so RIDG can review.

Course Resources

RIDG Instant Innovator Training Course Page

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Case Study Calls Weekly on Thursday 12:30-1:20pm ET
Each call focused on one team.
Recordings from Case Study Calls will be added to each Lesson page on
Meeting ID: 813 4185 7043
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,81341857043# US (New York)
All async conversation and submission of homework assignments will be done in Slack.
One thread per week will be linked from the course page and pinned in Slack. Comment in the thread when they’ve watched the instructional video and when your team’s homework is done in Mural so RIDG can review. 
We will send 1 weekly reminder email per week. If you get stuck on something and can’t use Slack, please email us.
All course-related emails should be sent to/from

Weekly Schedule


Instructional Focus Area

Topics We’ll Cover

Week #1

▪️July 14: Orientation (Live & Recorded)
Program Context

Everything you need to get ready for our next few weeks together. 
Video 1 (Recorded Live):
▪️Meet & Greet
▪️Program Goal
▪️Content Overview 
▪️Process & Tools Overview
▪️Weekly Expectations
Week #2

▪️Jul 18: Video Email
▪️Jul 21: Recorded Call [Skymark]
Team Formation

How to set your team up for this fast, agile program and how to start getting
Video 1: Team Charter 
▪️Team Expectations 
▪️RIDG Rules 
▪️Define Team Role(s)

Video 2: Stakeholder Universe v1
▪️World Surrounding Your Team
Week #3

▪️Jul 25: Video Email
▪️Jul 28: Recorded Call [IMU]
Opportunity Canvas

Diverge on all the possible opportunities for your invention.
Video 1: Opportunity Canvas
▪️Potential Applications & Customers

Video 2: Mind Mapping & Mapping Opportunities
▪️Organize the Opportunities
Week #4

▪️Aug 1: Video Email
▪️Aug 4: Recorded Call [Skymark]
Assumptions & Research 

Continuing to go broad and learn to ensure confidence the decisions to be made soon.
Video 1: Assumptions Testing 
▪️Why & How to Test Assumptions

Video 2: External Research 
▪️Assumptions Test Method 1: External Research on Ecosystem, Context, Competitors and Market 
▪️Questions like: What are the surrounding trends? Who else has solved this? Etc
Week #5

▪️Aug 8: Video Email
▪️Aug 11: Recorded Call [IMU]
Internal Research: Feedback Collection

How to use internal interviews as conduits to learn about your customer(s), partner(s), and user(s).
Video 1:
▪️Assumptions Test Method 2: Internal Interviews 
▪️Feedback Collection 
Week #6

▪️Aug 15: Video Email
▪️Aug 18: Recorded Call [Skymark]
Crafting the Product

Now is the time to get clear on the product offering aka selecting the components that are actually (tentatively) within in your product offering.
Video 1: 
▪️Prioritizing components 
▪️Impact vs Effort Matrix
Week #7

▪️Aug 22: Video Email
▪️Aug 25: Recorded Call [IMU]
Strategic Roadmap

Creating the “ask” for your pitch.
Video 1:
▪️Strategic Canvas
Week #8

▪️Aug 29: Video Email
▪️Sep 1: Recorded Call [Skymark]
Business Model Canvas

Creating your business model.
Video 1:
▪️Business Model Canvas
▪️Hypothesis Creation
Week #9

▪️Sep 5: Video Email
▪️Sep 9: PITCH DAY!
(Live in Cambridge)
Pitch Creation

This week your team will take everything you learned over the past couple of months and create a new pitch. The Pitch Day will be live in Cambridge.
Video 1:
▪️Perfect Pitch
Week #10

▪️Sep 12: Video Email Close Out
Program Close Out

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