Episode 29: “Radically Connected” with Jill St. Thomas, Executive Director, Tampa Bay Tech


Tune in to our latest episode Jill St. Thomas where we discuss how she’s helping the area’s best innovators thrive through Tampa Bay Tech.

Here are five things we learned from this week’s episode:

1. Understanding your customer’s needs is critical.

When the pandemic hit in March, Tampa Bay Tech took some time to pause and learn about what its members needed most during this time. By taking the initiative to become radically connected, they’ve managed to develop more intimate ways of engaging with members and providing them with the value they need to build their business, right on time, during these waves of uncertainty.

2. Align within your community instead of competing.

Several organizations in the Tampa Bay area strive to help innovators and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Instead of seeing these organizations as competition, Jill sees partnership opportunities. Instead of competing, she chooses to build relationships with local organizations such as Embarc Collective and Synapse to support overall business development in the community.

3. Automation and cybersecurity are growing.

As automation grows, Tampa Bay Tech is considering how this innovation will impact the technology workforce and all businesses implementing this technology. Jill says her team is focused on developing new ways to help people develop new skill sets to adapt to this new digital transformation era. ASs automation grows as a critical need for effective business efficiency, and so does the need for increased security measures. 

4. Cybersecurity is growing around the globe.

Cybersecurity is an area that became increasingly popular this year as most companies transitioned to a remote workforce and required additional security of their employees and their information. While other industries experienced a decrease in hiring, cybersecurity boomed, and Jill expects the trend to continue into 2021.

5. Sometimes, you need to adjust your measurement of success.

A large portion of Tampa Bay Tech’s work included hosting events. Most of those events, including their 17th annual award show, were hosted virtually this year. In previous years, the number of attendees was the primary metric of a successful event. This year, Jill’s team focused on building more authentic and intentional experiences for their members. This changed what success looks like within their business and provided more opportunities to build relationships and offer value to their members.

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