Outcome-driven Innovation vs. Innovation Theater


How RIDG’s BI+LD methodology prepares companies for disruption.

This time last year, many companies realized their existing strategies and organizational structures could not support innovation as quickly as they needed to. Whether it’s a pandemic or another type of disruption when companies encounter a crisis, they typically do one of two things:

  • Rapidly testing and implementing ideas without proper validation.
  • Hiring consultants to create new systems of creating ideas.

The first can easily cause organizations to spend several million dollars on ideas that don’t generate revenue for the company. The second one refers to what Harvard Business Review cleverly coined “innovation theater.” It typically creates a lot of excitement and energy but does not improve the company’s bottom line.

At RIDG, we focus on supercharging ideas into revenue-driving game plans. We help teams develop plans that prioritize ideas with growth and transformation in mind. We can also do it in three hours instead of three months.

Here’s why our methodology works:

Teams align on an outcome-driven plan.

When plans begin to fall short of expectations, teams often struggle to prioritize initiatives and seek stability over growth. During disruption, your team is already likely in survival mode and desperate for a plan that will bring results. We help you develop a clear plan to focus on ideas that truly drive growth and transform your team into confident and inspired leaders to help bring it to life.

The ideas are directly linked to revenue.

Setting the right metrics for your goals is critical for innovation, and yet this is the step that gets skipped during disruption. Many companies and consultants claim it’s impossible to link innovation efforts directly to return on investment. While most innovative ideas fail, we define innovation as “People making money by turning failure into ideas that work.” To succeed, organizations need to develop top and bottom line metrics despite disruption.

The business is scalable.

Once you have identified, tested, and proven the most profitable ideas for your business, it’s time to grow. An essential part of innovation is ensuring your ideas not only work but can be replicated. We help turn your workforce into opportunity-seeking machines that use their current skills to increase client revenue. This allows you to expand your market share, service more clients, and make your products and services more profitable.

If you want to finally bring down the curtain on “innovation theater,” you need to invest in true outcome-driven innovation. Are you ready to take the first step?

Learn more about RIDG’s customizable innovation process, designed to guarantee scalable product or service design and continuous identification of increased revenue opportunities.

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