Mar 23, 2020 Michelle Royal No Comments

What Does a Virus Crisis Have to Do With Innovation?

Countless economic development leaders, leaders of entrepreneurs, and consultants of large companies are all dealing with the question: “How can I manage my personal stress, family stress, and community stress while social distancing and supporting other community members?”

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elements of a space for working from home with a virtual team
Mar 20, 2020 Geoff Nelson 5 Comments

Work From Home Success Strategies (Part 1: WFH? WTF!)

The first part in a series of blog posts about setting up a successful working from home environment. Covers setting up a dedicated space.

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Oct 03, 2017 Michelle Royal No Comments

The Five Powers of Million Dollar Teams

We have been working with high-level executive teams over the past ten years to build the skills that accelerate the velocity of growth. We would never take credit for the ultimate outcome of the teams with whom we work. It is their company and they put in the day to day hours, focus, and hard […]

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Aug 14, 2017 Michelle Royal No Comments

Marketing Mastery: What Words Are You Using That No One Cares About?

Your client is telling you, all the time, what they need. Are you listening? [Full Transcript] Hi everyone, it’s Michelle Royal, CEO of RIDG, where we build better innovators. Notice I said build “better” innovators, meaning we already know you’re smart. You got this. We are just here to hopefully improve it a little bit […]

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