Transform meetings into unforgettable experiences for your team.

You can invigorate your event, committees or teams with RIDG’s creative and interactive exercises designed to increase efficiency, develop new (or latent) skills and drive the ultimate success of your company.


You can amplify the impact of your meeting by combining our visual facilitation services with digital or analog graphic recording — captivating visuals, prepared in advance or live during your event.


A RIDG Visual Facilitator will:

  • Create a fun, high-energy atmosphere
  • Help define and achieve your meeting objectives
  • Work side-by-side with you in advance of the meeting to design the agenda
  • Expertly facilitate the meeting, allowing all attendees to fully participate in the thinking process
  • Use a variety of proven tools and frameworks to lead attendees toward workable solutions and action plans
  • Help deploy pre-engagement surveys to prime the best thinking
  • Define and explain the Design Thinking principles used throughout the meeting
  • Keep participants focused on the objective and moving together toward your North Star
  • Harness and leverage the diversity of thought that leads to innovative solutions
  • Reflect and clarify statements and suggestions to ensure certainty and avoid confusion
  • Establish an environment with limited diversions and a focus on the work (stay out of “the weeds”)


Core Identity

Michelle walks you through the tools and processes of establishing your core identity.

Customer Experience Journey

Michelle gives you a guided tour of the Customer Experience Journey as a brainstorming tool.

What Makes RIDG Exceptional?


Wherever you are in the world, our expert facilitation team can work with you to provide everything from full event design to ad-hoc innovation and visualization support.


From ideas to action, our proven innovation and design methods magnify the potential of your people to raise your results.


Powered by your team’s desired outcomes, we exist to reflect and unlock your greatness.



Case Studies

RIDG has been fortunate enough to work with a multitude of companies—both lean start-ups and large-scale corporations— to help them get to the next level. Whether that was through visualization/graphic recording of large scale events, strategic consulting to help companies navigate internal changes, facilitating unforgettable events, or delivering exceptional keynote presentations, we’ve done it all.