graphic recording

What is

graphic recording?

Simply put, we draw at events, meetings and conferences.

We provide the “wow” factor and increase
the overall impact of any event by:

Adding the missing creative element to your meeting with our live Graphic Recording services

Fostering understanding of complex ideas and concepts through fun, engaging and impactful visuals

Turning the bored and the bystander into active participants

Increasing retention by up to 68%

Our IFVP-member artists capture all of your content (in real-time and in vibrant color) using large murals or digital tablets for all of your attendees to see.

The final Graphic Records become visual stories — snapshots of your event that allow for everyone in attendance (and even those who aren’t) to reflect on the key information from your event, take pictures of the Graphic Records and share the images on social media.

You can deliver the images to attendees afterwards (as a postcard, wallpaper, or something more creative) so that they can relive the magic that was created in the room.

Invite RIDG to be a part of your team and let’s make your next event unforgettable!

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