Innovation Scorecard

Over the past 12 years, the RIDG team has worked with hundreds of innovation executives and observed countless innovation efforts. Through that work we have identified seven key desired outcomes of an innovation effort. Successfully achieving all seven outcomes greatly increases the likelihood of overall success.

The seven key desired outcomes are:

  1. MONEY – Measurable ROI
  2. SPEED – Move to Market Faster
  3. CLARITY – Visualize Your Objectives
  4. ELASTICITY – Change the Status Quo
  5. SCALABILITY – Easily Expand Your Efforts
  6. ADOPTION – Everyone Embraces Innovation
  7. FUN – Engagement Soars

The RIDG Innovation Scorecard is designed to create awareness of the desired outcomes of an innovation effort and how well your organization is moving toward those outcomes. It’s a quick, high-level assessment to help unearth challenges to your innovation effort and identify opportunities to improve. The Scorecard measures all types of innovation, not just innovation based on new products and services.