Your Power Timeline

What is Your Power Timeline?

Your Power Timeline is like a blueprint for your personal potential — it is your own personal power plan. Like a traditional vision board, Your Power Timeline enables you to plug into your own resourcefulness and energy every single day to accomplish goals for the future. Unlike traditional goal-setting tools that start from the present and work forward, the Power Timeline starts with uncovering the moments in your past that have shaped your present. From there you can plan forward to unlock the true potential of your future.

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Your Power Timeline
Will Help You Claim:

• Your Top 3 Strengths
• Your Biggest Aspirations
• What (or Who) is Influencing or Supporting You
• The Magical Moments in Your Life
That Have Shaped Who You Are Today
• A Future Based on Your Unstoppable Big “Why”
• Emotional Momentum to Fuel Massive Action

Who Should Use Your Power Timeline?

Whether you’re a professional leadership team trying to solve complex problems at the office or an individual wanting to overcome obstacles to personal goals, using the Power Timeline will help you design the future you desire and align clear and congruent action.


Your Power Timeline Can Help You

•  Unlock your strengths
•  Commit to individual aspirations
•  Develop strategies and set goals in a fun, easy way
•  Increase your emotional vocabulary and intelligence
•  Learn more about yourself and your team members
•  Focus on what team members can contribute in a given amount of time
•  Step into the reality of life in an aspirational and realistic fashion
•  See a clear path into your own accountability
•  Admit something you’ve always wanted
•  Find a solution you couldn’t see before

Download Your Power Timeline
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  1. The “Your Power Timeline” 11×17” poster
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  3. Access to a video of RIDG CEO and Founder, Michelle Royal, personally walking you through the Your Power Timeline process